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wMonday, April 14, 2003

GO READ SOME STUFF: I should probably post something to prove that I'm still alive and kicking, if nothing else. Here are some quick reads:

Steven Landsburg asks, given the propensity of Iraq's previous government to take stuff from its people, what's the big deal with the citizens taking some of that back by looting the museums and those government buildings still standing. It's like a retroactive tax cut.

Radley Balko highlights two stories that are worth comment. The first is a good reason to boycott CVS Pharmacy. The second is about that wacky story of a week or so ago, in which an army chaplain said that he'd let troops bathe in the extra water he brought along but only if they agreed to get baptized. Turns out the chaplain was having a bit of fun with a gullible journalist.

Everywhere I turn, someone is landing a body blow on the American Prospect. Matt Welch whacks Michael Tomasky about the ears with a large wet fish for putting partisanship ahead of freedom of speech. And former TAP Online editor (and, so far as I know, current contributor) Chris Mooney decided to "make an example" of James K. Galbraith over a column which predicted a "holocaust" in Iraq. Quoth Mooney, "He must feel pretty silly right now watching Iraqis dancing in the streets."

All for now.

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