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wTuesday, April 22, 2003

HAPPY EARTH DAY TO ME: Today, I finally got my '91 Sunbird back ($1,100 poorer, alas) and decided to get a new lawnmower. Well, it's Earth Day, so it must be time to send everybody to my column defending environmental apocalypticism:

[A]t a time when we've learned to be tolerant of the faiths of others, conservative skeptics have been less than charitable in their relations with environmentalists. They have practically rubbed their noses in the fact that resources have not significantly ebbed, or that pollution is not the dire crisis that many once feared, or that recycling can be counterproductive, or that nearly every predicted catastrophe of the last 50 years has not come to pass. The way things are going, it's a miracle that someone has not yet displayed a baby seal in a jar of urine. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 9:53 PM