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wTuesday, April 08, 2003

MORE KELLY: John Wilson has a good column on Michael Kelly's book Martyrs' Day:

Martyrs' Day isn't a flawless book. It was written by a young man--albeit an extraordinarily sharp-eyed and resourceful young man--and it has a bit of the swagger of the Tough-Minded, Hard-Drinking Journalist, the Man Without Illusions we know from many a novel, many a film. But if you have been saturated in the unreality of so much of the media coverage of the war, take a chapter of Kelly as an antidote. Before you know it, you'll have read the entire book.

Also, Marty Peretz, proving that he really is a cad, insists that he didn't fire Kelly over his "coverage of Vice President Al Gore." Rather,

Kelly's single-minded focus on President Bill Clinton's improprieties distorted his perspective on the policies of the Clinton-Gore administration and brought him into conflict not only with me but also with much of the intellectual history of the magazine.

A distinction without a difference.

posted by Jeremy at 12:02 PM