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wWednesday, April 16, 2003

MY LATEST SPECTATOR COLUMN: It's a response to Steven Waldman's essay in Slate which called for Franklin Graham's organization to be barred from Iraq. An excerpt:

[According to Waldman] it would be in the interest of national security and regional stability to repress the missionaries. For constitutional purists, Graham could be reined in without official -- or, I suppose we could say "official official" -- intervention. If George Bush were to privately ask him to "stand down," he would likely acquiesce. The Rev. could still contribute to the humanitarian effort by raising money and giving it to third parties like Doctors Without Borders. "Better yet," he could give it to Muslim charities. Waldman asked readers to imagine with him the kumbaya-like effects such a donation could have on "interfaith tolerance."

But once we've had that moment of Zen, it might be fun to think about the reaction that blue state America has had to Islam during the War on Terrorism. When Ann Coulter wrote her infamous column advocating that the U.S. respond to September 11 by "invad[ing] their countries, kill[ing] their leaders and convert[ing] them to Christianity," it was the last part that sparked the most outrage. To many, this was vile, retrograde stuff. [more]

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