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wTuesday, April 22, 2003

PIPING HOT OFF THE PRESSES: My new "Latte Sipping" column has just been posted over at the American Spectator Online. lt's the belated intro column:

Maybe it was last week's unusually bad karma -- taxes and the death of God just do not go well together -- but I found myself reflecting on the arbitrariness of opinion writing. Articles you think will outrage people grow stale and dry up quickly; dashed-off pieces and throw-away phrases are much more likely to stir the pot.

Case in point: the responses to my last column and to a review that appeared simultaneously in the Weekly Standard. The first argued for exporting American Christianity to Iraq. I called for the separation of mosque and state. I said Ann Coulter had a point (though not so much about the invading and killing bit). When the column was posted, I expected a deluge of letters, spontaneous protests and a few roasted effigies. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 11:25 PM