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wTuesday, April 01, 2003

REAL MEN: Colby Cosh comments on the critics' switch from "quagmire" to "quicksand." If this war turns out better than expected,

A quick scan of the dictionary shows that there may be a distinct shortage of nouns beginning with 'Q' available for future conflicts. However, "quiche" is still available, and, with a little imagination, is definitely serviceable. "The commitment of American troops to [Whateverstan] threatens to become an undercooked quiche which will leave American morale and prestige mired in a goopy, distasteful mess. Already we are coated in the flavourless eggs of Islamic hostility; the charcoaly bacon of world opposition; the limp, unchewable spinach of guerrilla warfare. Mr. President, have you forgotten that real men don't eat you-know-what?" [more]

posted by Jeremy at 12:39 AM