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wSaturday, April 05, 2003

WHAT A WEEK: Bad news all 'round, I'm afraid. Michael Kelly dead, Victor Olivier gone from the Report (if you can still call it the Report), and a whole host of personal calamities that seem terribly petty set against the first two items. One of things that helped get me through it all was this collection of haunting new tunes by Kevin Steel. (If I didn't know any better, I'd say "Helicopters, Fools and Dragonflies" was fraught with double meaning.)

On the subject of Kelly, I'll have more to say. Steel writes of a recent phone conversation that "Mr. Kelly was one of [Jeremy's] journalist heroes." Try only. I do not have a high opinion of most journalists (including myself), but I somehow made an exception for Michael Kelly. His tenure at the New Republic was perhaps the best 10 month run that political rag ever had (even with the Stephen Glass scandal). His writing was always so... on, and it was especially daring in the pages of the center left journal of record. When he was fired for his frequent abuse of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, I cancelled my subscription and have refused to buy the mag since.

One of the things often remarked upon in his obits was his tendency to scout out new writing talent. Last summer, I sent some clips to the Atlantic along with a few proposals. They shot the proposals down but encouraged me to submit other ideas. Though nothing came of this, I'd like to believe that it was Michael Kelly who liked my work enough encourage it along. Wishful thinking, I know. But, this week, what else is there?

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