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wWednesday, May 14, 2003

BET YOUR SOUL: This month's Crisis has a review, by yours truly, of Richard Dooling's Bet Your Life (not to be confused with my interview with Dooling for Books & Culture). An excerpt:

Bet Your Life contains the usual Dooling blend of computer-geek speak, doubt, lust, wicked satire, and some of the most creative swearing that ever found its way onto the printed page. (The end of his one work of non-fiction, Blue Streak, put forward what I can only characterize as a theology of swearing.) However, Dooling has found a non-grating way to talk about faith by examining how it is woven into the tangled fabric of his characters’ lives.

This approach was present in his previous novels, but Dooling never seemed to tug so hard at these faith fibers before. It's possible that this was not a self-conscious shift on his part and derives, rather, from the subject matter of the book—unexpected deaths and funerals have a way of awakening religious impulses. However...I’m inclined to think otherwise. Bet Your Life breathes new meaning into that very old catch-all Catholic answer to (practically) everything: “It is a mystery.” [more]

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