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wWednesday, May 07, 2003

JINGOISTIC SELF-REGARDING CONQUER-MONKEYS: Doesn't quite have the desired ring, does it? My latest "Latte Sipping" column is about the rise of the new "Day by Day" comic strip and the decline of "Doonesbury." A few excerpts:

The second-to-last line of this past Sunday's "Doonesbury" has to be read to be believed and even then I fear readers will accuse me of making it up: "You are all jingoistic self-regarding conquer-monkeys!" The full eight panel cartoon was a mini sermon -- in French -- chiding American readers for the weeks-old controversy over "freedom" fries. I hereby nominate it as the worst single cartoon in the history of the strip.


It's encouraging to see that the "Day by Day" characters are become more human as the strip unfolds. Jan, the designated twentysomething hyperactive liberal, wins the odd argument, and also occasionally admits -- horrors! -- that she was wrong. Damon, the toon most like Muir, is the rarest of all creatures, a black Republican, but not an apologist for all things GOP. A recent cartoon featured him stupefied over the revelation that Bill Bennett has lost millions of dollars gambling. [more]

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