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wTuesday, May 13, 2003

THE KVETCH: Well KMG is back and more morose than ever! His daughter, meanwhile, is recovering from a breakup and pining for one of those American Idols. I'm thinking ice cream.

Yes, I am nearly elated that Angel was picked up for a fifth season. Also, I'm looking forward to A&E Biography's Buffy episode. Hey editors: Anyone interested in a piece on Joss Whedon's critique of religion?


Matt Welch makes a very good point about the Jayson Blair case and what it says about the relationships between journalists and their sources:

Young reporters tend to view interviews and stories as a series of one-night stands, where you do your business, get what you came for, and move on before the sun comes up. This is understandable, given how journalism is usually (and not incorrectly) taught as an adversarial process. It takes a long time to learn how to calmly sit down with people you’re raking over the coals, treat them fairly, and earn their respect even after the story comes out. And if you don’t work a regular beat...then the temptation to stick & move is even greater.

I'd add that this doesn't just apply to young turks.

Finally, congrats to Julian Sanchez who, I've just learned, will be replacing Sara Rimensnyder at Reason.

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