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wTuesday, May 27, 2003

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: My latest "Latte Sipping" column is up. It's about a rather unique publication called Modern Drunkard Magazine:

Your humble correspondent cleared out last Wednesday for an early Memorial Day weekend vacation and headed down I-5 in the recently revived '91 Sunbird. A day and a night in Seattle, then I drove to a youth hostel/art gallery/all ages rock club in Anacortes -- run by a few (mostly) reformed commie friends from my alma mater -- and parked it there for a few days. Though the laptop stayed behind, this wasn't a strictly non-working vacation. I met with a playwright future profilee, read through Ray Bradbury's wretched new novel, and brought a stack of Modern Drunkard magazines along for the ride. Never let it be said that this column isn't road tested.

Given the self-help literature on the subject, it was fun to see denial was the first reaction most people had when they saw Modern Drunkard. Several asked if this was some sort of elaborate joke. With cover lines such as "The Lost Art of Staggering," "How to Beat an Intervention," and "In Defense of Dionysus," along with the long-running Dead Celebrity Drink Off contest, I could understand their disbelief. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 11:38 PM