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wMonday, June 30, 2003

ADVANTAGE: JEREMIADS: Edmonton Sun columnist Michael Jenkinson repeats a few refrains which should be familiar to readers of this blog. To wit:

When the magazine changed its name to the Report Newsmagazine in 1999, it not only wiped out a perfectly good and widely known brand name for the sake of an ill-advised national expansion and re-branding, it also moved from being a weekly product to coming out every two weeks.

And while I don't expect many people to really grasp the significance of this, the revamped Report also got rid of most of its staff reporters and became a magazine largely written by its senior editors as well as a large corps of freelancers.

The combined effect of these changes were a magazine that was less timely, less interesting to read and far less influential than it had ever been.

In short, there were fewer and fewer reasons to read the "new" Report Newsmagazine.


If anything, I find myself annoyed, and even angry, at what happened. I've never believed the generally accepted wisdom that permeated the magazine's culture that there was simply no way Alberta Report would ever make money because it was too controversial and advertisers wouldn't go near it.

Because the flip-side of that argument is to believe that a right-wing magazine couldn't make a profit in Alberta. And I find that very hard to believe.

Indeed, I submit that if the Byfields would be willing to sell the rights to the Alberta Report name to someone else with a solid business plan, there's no reason why the magazine couldn't continue being the unique voice on the right that it was for so many years.

posted by Jeremy at 3:50 AM