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wMonday, June 30, 2003

ALL THAT JAZZ AND THERE GOES THE OLD SOUTH: New Reasonette Kerry Howley (whose byline is already producing, er, howls of resentment) has a new piece on cussed jazz critic Stanley Crouch:

If media icon Stanley Crouch is less than a dream to work with, he is a nightmare to fire. When JazzTimes magazine abruptly cancelled his incendiary column last month, Crouch generated a media uproar befitting his blustery reputation. In a Newsweek Online editorial, he accuses his former employers of membership in a "union of white people" committed to "the elevation of white jazz musicians over their black betters." [more]

On an entirely unrelated note, if nothing else good comes from the death of Strom Thurmond, at least The American Prowler decided to re-run this classic Florence King review (and, yes, I did have a hand in this):

Strom's father, who was Tillman's personal lawyer and campaign manager, missed out on a political career of his own because, as Strom explains, "One time he had to kill a man." It happened in 1897 when a drunken political enemy confronted him on the street and called him a "low, dirty scoundrel." In reply, young Will Thurmond pulled out a pistol and shot him through the heart. At his trial, which was attended by his fiancée Gertrude Strom, he pleaded self-defense and was acquitted by twelve white male Edgefieldians who did not doubt that self-defense included defending one's honor. Some years later, when Will Thurmond ran for Congress and lost badly (though carrying Edgefield), he used the occasion to instruct his eldest son. "Never kill anybody," he told Strom. "It will hurt you all your life." [more]

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