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wMonday, June 23, 2003

DEPLOY PARACHUTES: Well, it's official: The Report is dead. Writing on Reason's blog, Matt Welch repeated the now oft repeated line that the thing the did her in was the rejection of government subsidies. That prompted this intemperate response from yours truly:

Oh please. If the rejection of the subsidy is what finally pushed the Report over the edge, well, it wasn't.

Last fall, the Report had to find a way to close a CA$500,000 gap. So the Citizens Centre was started and "bought" the magazine. They begged readers for money. The total fundraising came in at something like CA$600,000, leaving them, one would assume, with change to spare.

Then they decided to junk the subsidy, which they could have offset by doing more fundraising or trimming costs. But instead, they a) started all sorts of stupid Citizens Centre projects, and b) cut the frequency and price of the magazine in half (thus cutting sales revenues from over CA$4 million a year to just over CA$2 million).

The Report died either because the management had butter for brains or because, as I suspect, they wanted it to die.

posted by Jeremy at 3:53 PM