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wSaturday, June 28, 2003

HARD HAT HETERODOXY: Jay Currie pens a response to Paul Cella's argument that "social conservatism is the only really popular conservatism there is" (Currie's permalinks are busted; scroll down to "Common man, Social conservative?").

Cella might be right but my sense is that he is merely out of date. He freely confesses to knowing very little about Canadian politics and takes his examples from his understanding of human nature and American politics. While American politics change in the blink of a chad, human nature would seem less mutable and less nativist.

The booming Internet porn business, the success of the adult entertainment industry, the explosive growth of drug culture in spite of the loony war on drugs, the popularity of truly dumb television (television so awful that it makes Leave it to Beaver look like Othello) and the rise of feel good quacks such as Oprah all suggest that the mass of Americans long since abandoned any but the ritual observation of traditional values.

To suggest that “our vulgar entertainment culture is rather the invention of elites” is to ignore the cultural contributions of Larry Flynt and Rosanne Barr to name two of many.

The common man, if he exists at all, is awfully difficult to know. Likely because of the very complexity of human nature. I have no doubt that if you walked into a bar in Flyspot Texas and interviewed the denizens on the question of sodomy or gay marriage you would hear a great deal of angry, bewildered talk about Judges and State’s Rights and those “god damned faggots”. And, on Sunday if you attended any church you would hear the same sentiments on behalf of God. But are these real, or are they social constructions? The test comes when “Billy-Bob” or “Cindy-Sue” comes out. My sense is that the good, fag hating people of Flyspot have evolved enough to be able to deal with homosexuality in an accepting, loving way in real life while remaining capable of the traditional homophobia for social and religious purposes. All the while checking in hourly to psychic hotlines and online astrologers. [more]

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