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wMonday, June 30, 2003

I ACCUSE THE BYFIELDS: Rick Hiebert wonders what a Report movie would entail:

With all the media and weblog tales of pot merchants, "insane" editiors and brain- surgery-dogs that are swirling around, perhaps a quickie explotation movie would be the best way to handle the story. Either that or something that would be shown on Showcase as Canadian content. Or an ABC After School Special.

The end of our magazine is being made to sound like something that would have been dubbed, oh, I Accuse The Byfields, a tawdry tale of journalists gone wrong, back in the day.


As much as we Report alumni might hope to at least get a Roger Corman to direct such a film, we would probably be stuck with an Edward D. Wood Jr.. I'm suddenly glad that no one wore angora in our office.

posted by Jeremy at 1:01 AM