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wSaturday, June 21, 2003

IMPORTANT UPDATES: I e-mailed Glenn Reynolds about his claim that Matthew Parris' recent Times of London column is "ethnic hate speech." Reynolds said the claim was only "semi-tongue-in-cheek." Er, OK.

Regarding my former employer, the Edmonton Journal ran a story today, titled "Report magazine hits a financial wall."

And it hurt:

Publisher Link Byfield insisted the delayed issue will appear, although he would not say when. He promised to reveal more next week, after a meeting Monday with employees.

There's talk he will suggest they apply for employment insurance benefits, just in case Report fails. When asked about that, Byfield said he will comment after meeting with employees.

Byfield assured the 41 staff on June 11 that, although management and senior workers had not been paid in three weeks, he would catch up on payroll as of Friday. ...

The next payroll remains in question, however. Sources said that at the June 11 meeting he told staff there's not enough cash flow to guarantee payment.

He also told them there's a $1.5-million deficit that's a "one-time adjustment cost" for the operation's transition from a for-profit publisher to the non-profit Citizens Centre, the sources say.

And that's enough borrowing from me. If you're in Edmonton, you might want to pick up the Journal.

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