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wWednesday, June 04, 2003

THE KVETCH: Sorry I've been on coast mode. Normally I'd blame deadlines, but lately it's been deadlines plus writer's block. It was hard enough to batter through my own mental barriers to meet deadlines, which left me basically tapped out when it came to the blog. Hopefully, the worst is over.

I enjoyed Jesse Walker's review of the Matrix, though the suggestions for the third movie sound a tad overdone:

After learning that absolutely every level of reality is just another matrix, The One shrugs his shoulders and walks off the film set. A digital camera follows him across the street to a lecture hall, where a professor is denouncing metafiction and declaring postmodernism a literary dead end. Keanu's cell phone rings: It's his agent. We hear them chatting about how much they're making from all that Matrix tie-in merchandising. Then the wall collapses and the cast of Blazing Saddles falls into the lecture room, throwing pies.

While I'm on the topic of summer blockbusters, I refer readers to Steve Sailer's review of the Italian Job (though I wasn't nearly as sweet on the movie as Sailer). Best line:

The scene of lovely Charlize Theron zipping her Mini through lumbering traffic to nose into a 13' long parking space is going to inspire lots of sorority girls to beg their daddies for these adorable baby station wagons. Of course, other sorority girls whose daddies bought them Hummers will squash them like cockroaches, but at least the Mini girls will look cute up until the moment they become road kill.

Finally, a warm welcome to Kerry Howley, the new intern for Reason magazine.

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