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wTuesday, June 24, 2003

MORE REASONS: Kathy Shaidle posted a long message on the Reason bulletin board that she neither reproduced nor linked to on her website. She began by responding to charges that the Report's problem was that it was too socially conservative:

Oh, I dunno: I loved the hate-the-French stuff. :-)

I wrote just under a dozen pieces for Report. I always seemed to be asked to write about abortion-y stuff, I guess because I'm a girl. And gay stuff, because I mentioned that I lived in Boystown. When not one but two editors asked me to write about My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I came close to losing it!

So for instance, I'd submit a piece (as requested) on PrideTV, asking: if gay men are the huge marketing demographic we keep hearing about, why don't they support their own tv station; and why, even though PrideTV's own market research told them gay viewers didn't want to see sex sex sex, were all the PrideTV shows about... sex sex sex??

When I read it a lot of that was gone. Just lots of tired boilerplate about them wacky Torontonians.

The demise of Report really opens up the truth about the generation/geographic gap in Canadian conservativism. I suspect I'm more socially conservative than many of you, but then I'm pushing 40 -- let's all talk again ten years from now :-)

Do I hate gays? No, and neither do the Byfields, if their Christianity is for real, and I think it is. But: do I think pre-teens should learn about fisting and cross-dressing in sex ed? Uh, no. And those were the stories you'd read in Report, weeks before Margaret Wente'd reported on it.

Do I think that (yawn) political correctness is still a problem and (yawn) still needs to be battled. Yep. Do I think the only good thing Trudeau ever did was invoke the War Measures Act. Pretty much. Sorry.

When I read about Reese Witherspoon in Vogue, talking about how women should have kids in their 20s, and daring to opine that The Pill has had some _negative effects_ on society, too, I think: social conservativism is alive in the oddest places, huh? Maybe it was Report's 'shocked and appalled' voice, and not its message, that bugged even its supporters.

And I'm not sure 'get over it' is a very stirring rallying cry for the new Right...

I applaud them for forgoing the subsidy. The Idler did the same I think, and ended up the same.

What do you say, guys? What is next? And can I be Religion Editor when you start It? Just askin'

posted by Jeremy at 11:05 PM