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wTuesday, June 24, 2003

REASON TOGETHER: Regarding the responses to my intemperate reply on Reason's blog:

Colby Cosh wrote:

I don't want to contradict either of J-Lo's theories about the demise of the magazine (although cutting frequency and price could have boosted new sales just as easily as it hurt 'em). In fact, I'll observe that the two theories are not mutually exclusive!

I reply:

In theory, he has a point. In practice, get real. Halve the price and you have to sell twice the subscriptions in order to generate the same revenues. Plus, they fired the telemarketers!

Matt Welch replied to my "oh please":

You know, feeble attempt at headline-humor & all that.

I reply:

I apologize to Matt Welch for the undue snark. It should have been aimed exclusively at the management of the Report.

Jay Currie, on the Reason site and on his own blog, says I was on the mark with the "butter for brains" comment. However:

Money was part of it, management too - as it always is; but the fact is that the Report's social conservative agenda was boring even the stubble jumpers.

Also, he thinks that I miss the more crucial point. That is:

Strict, religious right, anti-gay, anti-drug, anti-porn, anti-immigration, pro-gun and anti-French social conservatism has been overwhelmed by small "l" liberal and even libertarian postions on social issues in Canada.


To take the last bit first, I suppose I should make the obvious point that the pro-gun thing is actually a libertarian position. But never mind that: He's right, to a certain extent.

However, not all of Canada is ready to link arms and sing kumbayah just yet. Alberta, for instance is very different than the rest of Canada. But it doesn't follow that just because many Canadians are drifting left that there wouldn't be a niche market for The Report. Maybe two percent of the population (or less) have a foot fetish. And yet, that's enough to support a few magazines.

One K Christie says:

[I]t wasn't the writers that were the problem in the first place.


posted by Jeremy at 12:43 AM