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wThursday, June 26, 2003

THE RIGHT ASSESSMENT: I've avoided linking many of the Report obits, because a) they often get stuff wrong and b) I'm not sure how much they add. That said, David Frum's diary entry yesterday was quite good. He concluded:

The Report had its faults. It was not always well-written; it was never very attractive to look at. Its conservatism could be, well, obsessive and peculiar: It had a strange enthusiasm for doctors who felt persecuted by mainstream medicine, and some of its editors seemed not to have completely liberated themselves from Alberta’s Depression-era experiment with the crackpot Social Credit economics of Major Douglas. But the Report also launched an astonishing number of brilliant conservative media careers, including that of Ken Whyte, who went on to create the National Post. It articulated a social conservatism that otherwise would have gone unheard in Canada. And it never lost sight of its readers – or became inured to the injustices they and their province suffered. It will be missed – and it will not easily be replaced. [more]

Of course, I argue that in the end they did lose sight of readers, and will pay dearly for it.

posted by Jeremy at 10:09 AM