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wTuesday, June 24, 2003

SOMEBODY HELP THE GUY: Kevin Michael Grace is in trouble. Unlike Terry O'Neill, he was living paycheck to paycheck (well, severance check to severance check; er, make that cheque) and the late arrival of the latest one (probably the last one) has already caused a loan check to bounce. Normally, you see, the receptionist would make sure that the cheque (oh, screw it, I'm going with American spellings from here on) was couriered to him, but when you suddenly fire the receptionist such trifles tend to fall through the cracks. He doesn't have a PayPal button (yet), but I'm sure he'd give out a mailing address if readers send him an e-mail (kmgrace-at-telus.net). I doubt this would make a difference, but if readers who send him at least one hundred dollars (US or Canadian) would like a thank you phone call from me, just include a note with a phone number along with the check.

PS: Please consider giving Colby Cosh a few bucks as well.

posted by Jeremy at 12:22 AM