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wMonday, July 28, 2003

AMBLING AT 230 MPH: KMG has a good article on the future of CART racing. He gets in a few digs at F1 racing while he's at it:

Paul Tracy can’t understand why Americans prefer NASCAR racing to CART. "It’s only in America that people are fascinated by the car your mother takes to the grocery store going around in a circle. This is not a Canadian thing; it’s not a European thing. Americans are fascinated with wrestling and Chevy Luminas going around in a circle."

The Canadian native lives by choice in Las Vegas, so he can’t be accused of anti-Americanism. He simply thinks CART is the most exciting racing series in the world. So does Dublin native Derek Daly, Formula 1 and CART veteran, now analyst for the Speed Channel and resident of Indianapolis. And so does all-American racing legend Bobby Unser, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner.

What is it about CART racing that so appeals to the racing cognoscenti? A combination of variables. CART cars are the fastest closed-course racing machines in the world, capable of 230 miles per hour. They are expensive but not nearly as expensive or complicated as Formula 1 machines. And Unser adds, "Passing is almost illegal in F1 these days." [more]

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