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wMonday, July 14, 2003

CHANNELING MARK STEYN: Colby Cosh takes on the subject of Canadian Senate reform, sort of. Actually, he uses the subject of Senate reform to get in a lot of jabs at the PM:

Senate reform has won its most distinguished convert: a Mr. J.J.J. Chrétien of Shawinigan. On Friday, a prime ministerial aide confirmed Mr. Chrétien is willing to look at lists of possible Senate picks presented by the provincial premiers. "It would be impolite," said aide Jim "Miss Manners" Munson, "not to take a look." At this early date, there is no guarantee the PM would actually focus his eyes on the names of proposed Senators, or sound them out phonetically. But it appears he has agreed to have a paper passed physically in front of his face, and given his history, this must be considered a major concession.


Last week's meeting of the premiers ended with what looks like a tacit agreement not to seek national consensus on renewed federal-provincial health care arrangements until the more congenial Paul Martin becomes prime minister. The whole thing was reminiscent of a pack of acquisitive children getting together in secret to pre-emptively settle the affairs of a dying father. "Be patient -- the old S.O.B. can't last much longer." In this context, Mr. Chrétien's improvised adoption of Senate reform was obviously no more than a demented, instinctual grab for headlines. [more]

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