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wSunday, July 13, 2003

THE KVETCH: I've read this a couple of times and I still can't decide: Did Paul Cella mean to call me a "timid and industrious animal"?

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen looks to have had only a so so opening, which wouldn't be so bad except that it lost out to the goshawful Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope word of mouth elevates it in the next few weeks to the sleeper hit of the summer. (Hey Jim! Isn't it about time for the Unqualified treatment?)

Chris Mooney began his write up of my recent B&C column thus: "You simply have to read Jeremy Lott's Christianity Today review of a recent book about atheist firebrand Madalyn Murray O'Hair." I hope readers don't think this an example of mutual backscratching when I point out his latest Skeptical Inquirer column on the dishonest documentary Capturing the Friedmans.

Finally, Marnie Ko's "Report expose" has moved from the front of her site to this link.

posted by Jeremy at 7:24 PM