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wMonday, July 07, 2003

SMART SHEA READERS: This is an extremely low rent operation and thus has no interactive features, but every time Mark Shea links to one of my articles and I see the reader comments, well, it's tempting. In response to my most recent B&C column on Madalyn Murray O'Hair, one reader had this to say (the link goes to Shea's link; from there, click on the "comments" tag):

O'Hair was a tragic figure; IMHO she was more a hater of God than a true atheist. According to her son, William Murray, she developed a hatred of God while pregnant with him. His father was a married Catholic man who had an affair with her. When she asked him, he refused to divorce his wife and marry her because "I'm a Catholic and the Church opposes divorce"! Never mind the fact that the Church also opposes adultery!

Anyway, she took her fury out on God, standing in the rain during a thunderstorm, hurling profanities at the heavens and daring God to kill her. When she didn't get hit by lightning, she decided God didn't exist because He didn't strike her.

Guess she never considered that God may have actually had compassion on a distraught pregnant woman who had been abandoned by her hypocritical [paramour], and on her preborn child who would one day serve Him. What if He *had* struck her and her baby down, all because of her little tantrum - what a rotten fellow He'd be! Talk about "Damned if you do, damned if you don't".

Yes, a very tragic figure. I know she'd hate to know it, but I've prayed for her. Maybe she received the grace to repent right before she was murdered. I guess we won't know in this life. Lord have mercy on her soul....

In Jesu et Maria,

posted by Jeremy at 7:16 PM