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wTuesday, July 08, 2003

TOURIST STEEL TRAP: This week's "Latte Sipping column" details my recent trip to Victoria:

I've never been much for omens, but the early morning before I left for Victoria it sure felt like something was brewing. A distant thunderstorm knocked out the power for miles and all the normal internal noises and distractions of my home went silent -- clocks and fans stopped, the refrigerator ceased its hum, the glow of CD players and VCRs faded to black. I stumbled through the house to open the front door onto the wraparound porch, and stepped out. A rotating beacon of light -- likely advertising a car sale in nearby Bellingham -- painted the underside of the clouds on this otherwise starless night. The wind blew steadily. The air was cool but loaded with humidity, signaling what was likely to be a scorcher come sun up. It was time to hit the road. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 11:29 PM