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wSunday, August 17, 2003

ANOTHER GLOWING ENDORSEMENT: Remember the nuking Mecca incident? This guy does:

Mr Lowry and Ms Coulter have got my vote any day.

Mr Lowry is only partly right, we should destroy the rag head threat right now, not after another attack! You liberal scum make me want to vomit!

Jeremy Lott, you are a pussy. I'll bet you're best buddies with all those hollyweirdo, fag loving perverts too! Come on up here to Montana (God's Country) and try to spew your swill and, believe me, you wont last long!

The author of these remarks is one Dennis F. Corbitt, a retired marine who currently resides in the Big Sky State and frequently posts on message boards. His Free Republic name is ILuvRonnieRaygun. He likes to threaten violence, and call for holy wars ("Death to Islam!"), but other than that I'm sure he's a really, really great guy. And look, he left his own private e-mail address on one of the posts.

How sweet.

Please don't spam him -- that would be wrong.

posted by Jeremy at 2:18 AM