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wSunday, August 10, 2003

HEY ARNOLD: I don't get the love that Reasonoids are evincing for Arnold. Nick Gillespie argues (I think) that he's got so many skeletons in his closet that his election would take a set of lifestyle issues (abortion, gay rights, adultery) out of the public discussion, but that is not likely to happen. Arnold has been trumpeting his family man credentials quite a lot lately -- saying that he wouldn't run for gov if his wife wouldn't let him and such. Jacob Sullum takes a more serious, if silly, tack (he immigrated, he likes the U.S. and Milton Friedman, and he attended a Reason dinner!) but ultimately falls back on the fact that the Terminator's candidacy would be entertaining and encourage us to take the pols less seriously.

Uh, OK, but what about policy? How would Arnold be better than Davis? Sullum admits that "Schwarzenegger's libertarian tendencies have been exaggerated," which is definitely one way of putting it. His Proposition 49 balooned state spending by something like half a billion -- with a 'B' -- dollars per year to pay for after school programs (which he benefited from financially). I fail to see how an election of a big spending compassionate "conservative" would be a big step up for the Tarnished State.

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