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wTuesday, August 26, 2003

THE LYNDEN LAMENT: Here's my latest column, about where I'm from and where I'm going:

[W]hen my family moved north to Lynden at the tail end of my high school years, I was more than happy to tag along. For the last five years, I've moved around quite a lot (Langley, Edmonton, Santa Monica, San Fran, etc.), but nowhere permanent. I always landed back in this quiet little town, well off of I-5 and just shy of the Canadian border.

Maybe the hellish experience in Tacoma predisposed me to like Lynden. It's the churchiest town you've ever seen, and it's Dutch. There are 14 Reformed churches of one stripe or another, which cynics interpret to mean that the First Reformed church split 13 times. The town of about 10,000 has very few large public spaces because the churches serve as meeting areas and engines of change. Lynden Christian schools (K through 12) are so large that they rival the public school system and make the job of passing levies hell on the local superintendent. The local industries are raspberries, dairy, and taking care of retirees (often non-Lyndeners move here because of the reputation the town has with the Van, Vander, and Boven set).

I love Lynden for a thousand little reasons, but perhaps a recent story should suffice.

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