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wThursday, August 21, 2003

OH DEAR: In the last few weeks, most of the people I've spoken with have asked, in re: The Move:

(a) Are you nervous?
(b) Are you excited?

The answer to both questions has been no. This has drawn plenty of you-must-be-joshing-me looks, and a few nosy follow-up questions (Q: "Oh, come on, What do you really feel like?" A: "Like telling you to shut up."). Yes, it's a great job -- maybe the best job I've ever had -- and, yes, it will be nice to move out of my bedroom/office and into a real office with live people, but it's not like I haven't done this before. As for the small-town-boy-moves-to-the-big-city angle, I grew up in Tacoma, I've lived in L.A., and I already know a whole bunch of people in D.C. Why, I wondered, should I work myself up over any of this?

Well, last night I got the answer. I was about to purchase my nonrefundable one-way ticket to D.C. and my hand unexpectedly froze up. It took a few minutes to calm down and confirm that, yes, I will be flying out the evening of the 28th into the morning of the 29th. (BTW, if you don't use Expedia.com to book your travel, you really should check it out.) I'm not exactly sure why this happened but it probably had something to do with the size of the change. For the last few years, I've traveled to, and lived in, a whole lotta places, but I always came back to my adopted hometown of Lynden, Washington. I'll use my next column to explore what it is that I love about this place, and why I'll miss it so much.

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