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wSaturday, August 02, 2003

OOT AND ABOOT: Well, what excuse should I use for the paucity of posts this time? Certainly, deadlines pressed in, but then they always do. The temp settled back down to normal Lynden levels, so I can't use that. I wasn't on vacation. Unlike a few prominent bloggers, I haven't lost interest in the medium or anything. And it wasn't a matter of not finding stuff to write up. Aw, let's just get the items and forget about it:

And the "Make up your bloody mind" award goes to Matthew Yglesias who, on the one hand, thought the terrorism futures market was abandoned. On the other: "No tears will be shed for Admiral Poindexter [the man who oversaw the program], who's closer to belonging in prison than in federal office." Closer to belonging in prison than in federal office?? Oh please. Say something already.

On California, I still think Gray Davis is gonna win it. If that's so, says Nicole Topham, then the California GOP will offer a new meaning for the word "toast." Matt Welch looks at his so far successful pander to the left. Nick Gillespie makes the case against Arnold. Daniel Weintraub has the play by play.

And that's it for me for a bit. I'm on vacation in Oregon for a week starting tomorrow. I may udate the site once or twice from there, but don't bank on it.

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