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wSunday, August 03, 2003

TWO MORE PARTING SHOTS: Mark Cameron says pretty much everything I would have said aboot the flap over Mel Gibson's new flick, except using slightly bigger words ("amanuensis," honestly Mark...) and a more measured tone of authorial voice. Read "Mad Max Meets the Historical Jesus." Now.

Will Self (aka, Evelyn Waugh without God) reviews the second volume of Lord Archer's prison diary (near as I can tell, the first has just been released in the U.S.). He, uh, doesn't like it much:

The title says it all: Purgatory. If Archer seriously thinks a couple of months banged up in a medium-security British prison represents a limbo within which a soul can gain the necessary merit to enter Heaven, or even the remotest analogue of such, then he's an even more ignorant and venal man than I suspected. [more]

And that really is it for me for a bit. I may post a link to the column at midweek, along with something else, no doubt. Then again, I may not.

posted by Jeremy at 10:17 AM