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wTuesday, August 26, 2003


From Matt Welch:

The L.A. Times editorial board has been the King Tut-Tutter on the recall, saying something dismissive and nasty about it every other day. Sunday's effort, however, started out on a different note:

"[T]he recall also represents something larger: a people's uprising against business as usual in Sacramento. […] It is important that this political force be used for real solutions."

Well now! So what kind of anger-channelling solutions does the L.A. Times have in mind?

1) Repeal term limits.
3) Amend Proposition 13 to allow for more taxation.
4) Make it harder to exercise direct-democracy instruments such as recalls and ballot initiatives.
6) Reduce the two-thirds voting requirement that prevents Democrats from unilaterally raising taxes.

I'm not making these up. Finger on the pulse, Spring Street has...


From Luke Ford:

Matt Drudge linked an article saying that Arnold S. thought Richard Riordan lacked focus, and that's why Arnold ran. Riordan lacks similar focus with his LA Examiner baby. The man loves to give interviews and talk grand. All his clippings on this should burn up because Riordan's doing nothing to get this paper off the ground. His assistant Tim DeRoche was at tonight's party. He says there are no new developments on the most hyped newspaper in the history of the planet that never published a real issue. Shame on Riordan for flirting and dilly dallying and just being one big tease. I've dated women like Dick.

posted by Jeremy at 12:43 AM