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wSaturday, September 06, 2003

BUT TONIGHT, TONIGHT WILL BE BETTER: Last night was sheer hell. At about 2 am, I went to the bathroom and started shaking uncontrollably -- most of my muscles spasmed out of control. My normal meager covers weren't up to the task of warming me up, so I had to empty my closet of towels and coats and pile them on. The fever was both temporarily debilitating and scary. I thought about waking one of my roommates up to borrow a cellphone to call for medical assistance, but I found I couldn't get out of bed, and I wasn't sure I could holler if it came to that. It finally broke a little after six but I had a lingering headache for the rest of the morning. Ever the fount of encouragement, Coshleupagus today suggested that I'm likely to get more of this in the next few months as my body gets used to pathogens that it has been isolated from lo these 24 short years. Ugh.

posted by Jeremy at 5:26 PM