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wMonday, September 22, 2003

CRASHING THE PARTY: The Spectator today has a piece that I'm proud to have had a small part in. It's a Johnny-on-the-spot analysis of the recent Cancun anti-globo protests by my friend Thomas Pearson:

Cancun -- Activists from all over the world converged on this Mexican resort town to protest the latest meeting of the World Trade Organization. Self-styled anarchists in black balaclavas mingled with third world farmers, paid union activists, and American college student Indymedia types with cellphones. Press estimates put their numbers as high as 150,000, but by the time I arrived Thursday, on the second day of talks, the anniversary of September 11, the crowd must have shrunk considerably -- maybe 15,000 still agitated for change. One taxi driver said that though these protesters were bad, they were nowhere near as crazy as the Spring Break crowd, which was ironic, considering that these illegitimate spawn of Che Guevera actually meant to take it to the streets. [more]

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