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wSunday, September 07, 2003

CURSE YOU, CLOUDY CRYSTAL BALL: I think I should start going to sleep at midnight on the dot. Not sure if that would solve the problem of my accursed luck, but you never know. Good news first: Yes, Jesse Walker's party was a blast. I finally met Jim Henley and Eve Tushnet and they were both a lot of fun. (I complained to Jim that he never links to me anymore and he replied that I'm hardly in a position to criticize anyone for a dearth of links. True enough.)


I'd been having trouble with my right ankle and it only seemed to get worse as the night wore on. I started limping and sat in a chair as often as I could manage. After a tumultuous car ride to southeast D.C., I caught the Metro -- the last of the night -- out to Fairfax. By the time I got to the station, all the taxi drivers had gone home for the night. So I hoofed it for the mile or so it takes to get to my place. My foot actually started to feel good, and by the time I went to bed I thought, hey, it looks like I dodged a bullet on this one.

Then I got up about three to go to the bathroom. Or, I should say, I tried to get up. When I put my right foot down, it a) hurt a whole lot and b) went out from under me, as it refused to bear any weight. I scrapped and crawled through my mess of a room to the bathroom and turned on the light to get a look at the thing. It was swollen all over, roughly the size of a small grapefruit. When a friend got a look at it the next day, she -- a veteran of many sports injuries -- told me I should ice it and elevate it and wrap it. If all goes well, I should be back to walking normally by Wednesday.

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