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wWednesday, September 24, 2003

DANCING BEARS AND LIPSTICK LESBIANS, OH MY: Well, yesterday's Spectator had an unintentional animal theme. My piece was titled Send in the Dancing Bears and old Reportster Kevin Michael Grace weighed in with And They Call it Puppy Love. I like my title better but KMG's article was definitely the better, and more original, of the two. Read his first -

Gay-Yee's favorite color is red. Eos' favorite food is Thai green curry. Haylie's favorite animal is a "poodie cat" named Moo Shoo. Tania's favorite color is blue. Gay-Yee, Eos, Haylie, and Tania, in case you hadn't guessed, are members of a string quartet. They are called bond. bond's collective likes include lipstick lesbian posturing; collective dislikes include being photographed wearing clothes. The bond girls are, if Decca Records has anything to say about it, the future of classical music.

Some old fogies, such as those at CIN, the organization that administers the British record charts, disagree. bond's first recording, born, reached No. 2 on the British classical album chart, before anyone at CIN discovered it is actually disco music. bond is no more "classical" than the Electric Light Orchestra's "Roll Over Beethoven" or Walter Murphy's "A Fifth of Beethoven." [more]

- and if you have time, take a look at my take on those crazy Californians:

Oy. The full ninth circuit has now reversed the ruling of three of its more creative members and allowed the October 7 statewide California recall election to proceed as scheduled. Punch card voting, it turns out, is not a violation of civil rights. This came as a relief to the hundreds of thousands of voters who had already cast absentee ballots.

And, if we needed any evidence that the three ring circus had resumed, Darrell Issa, bankroller of the recall campaign, has now come out against his own effort, unless one of the two Republicans does the gentlemanly thing and fall on his own sword. In the current divided field, the election of hated lieutenant governor Cruz "what Chicano activists?" Bustamante is a real possibility.

But the choice of who should go is almost Solomonic in its complexity. As Matt Welch, associate editor of the Los Angeles-based Reason magazine, observed yesterday, this election is functionally a part of the local Republican civil war that has raged since the primaries of 2002, when both the local Democrats and the national GOP wouldn't butt out and let the local elephants make up their own minds. The Bush-backed establishmentarian Richard Riordan was trounced by the conservative political neophyte Bill Simon, who then went on to narrowly lose to Davis in the general. Massive recriminations followed.

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