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wTuesday, September 30, 2003

HOW 'BOUT A 'DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT' LIST?: Spectator super intern Shawn Macomber has produced a second piece for the website. This one is on the spanking the national Do Not Call list has been taking in the courts:

The feds were incredulous. Once again, the Constitution was standing in the way of a perfectly good photo-op and a crowd-pleasing constituent mailing. "I do not believe that our Constitution dictates such an illogical result," Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris said. "To the contrary, our Constitution allows consumers to choose not to receive commercial telemarketing calls." Senator Charles Schumer called the ruling "goofy." He expounded, "Fifty million people can't all be wrong"

To which the only possible response is, Oh yes they can. About many things. Several times a day. One problem with a federal Do Not Call registry is that it is none of the federal government's business. It's an expansion of government powers -- albeit a wildly popular expansion of the government's powers -- that was never conceived in the text or spirit of this nation's founding documents.

But never mind that; by pressing forward with the Do Not Call registry, the federal government may have insured that people's shake and bake dinners will be interrupted for years to come. In fact, 37 states already had their own Do Not Call registries, which were functioning well enough. In states that don't have a list, consumers could simply ask to be put on telemarketers' own Do Not Call lists. Until last week, these could provide some measure of protection against nuisance calls. [more]

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