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wThursday, September 04, 2003

LAST MINUTE CALL FOR INTERNS: If you live in D.C., Virginia, or the surrounding area and would like to intern at the American Spectator this fall, please drop a note with a resumE, clips, and contact info to Suzanne Shaffer at stsash-NOSPAM-at-aol.com pronto. And by pronto, I mean within the next 24 hours. I believe we ask for about a day a week (8-10 hours). You'll have the chance to work with a bunch of great conservative journalists (and one libertarian), to be involved in the production of the print mag, and to write original articles for the website, and possibly the magazine. In short, it would be good for the resume and good for our budget. If you think this would be for you, please don't hesitate to write.

posted by Jeremy at 3:34 PM