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wTuesday, October 07, 2003

GIVE US BACK OUR SEX ED!: Remember the students of Marysville, Washington? They're the students about whom Heather Roscoe wrote this immortal paragraph a few weeks back:

For the children of Marysville, school ought to have started on Tuesday, September 2nd. Something feels inexplicably wrong now, more than a week later, when one drives through the main hub of the city. In much of the state, kids are busy in school learning their ABC's and how to put condoms on bananas, but in Marysville, in the middle of the day, a curly haired high school boy darts through traffic on his bike. A startlingly purple, dual exhaust Chevy truck, complete with hack-sawed suspension crammed with pimply high school boys, growls down State Street past a teenage couple stopped on a bridge for an impromptu make out session. These kids are bored.

The cause of their boredom was the teachers' strike, which is stil in force. But, as Roscoe's piece today makes clear, it only gets better:

Putting their parents to shame, the students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School decided that, after a month of striking, enough was enough. They kindly requested that their teachers return to class. The teachers refused.

So: The annoyed students held an all night sit-in to protest the work stoppage. The media was notified, the students blasted Pink Floyd's "We don't need no education" from loudspeakers (it's called irony), and the teachers continued to strike.

Frustrated young scholars, led by the senior class president Dustin Dekle but by no means limited to the senior class, begged governor Gary Locke to intervene. Locke said there was nothing he could do but he would talk to some people, which led precisely nowhere.

The exasperated students then made good use of their media-saturated upbringing. With the support of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF), they called a press conference. The union responded by calling the EFF an "evil band of zealots." [more]

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