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wWednesday, October 22, 2003

'HAVE THEY GONE UPSCALE OR SOMETHING?': The Spectator gets Strange New Respect plaudits from a reader over at Reason's Hit & Run forums:

The American Spectator? Have they gone upscale or something? This is not the type of commentary I've come to associate them with.

This borders on fair and worthwhile.

The occasion is an article by Kerry Howley ("Big Apple Is Watching") about Mayor Bloomberg's mania for planning and control.

While I appreciate the compliment -- and I mean that, I really do appreciate it -- as someone involved with the production of the Spectator, I'm always baffled by people's preconceptions of the magazine and website. Some non-Spectator-readers have absorbed notions of us as cavemen, warmongers, Bible thumpers, reliable shills for Republicans, and the like. The Spectator is, broadly speaking, a magazine of the right, but in terms of content we're also one of the most catholic periodicals out there.

Hell, the first piece I edited was a sympathetic report on Howard Dean supporters by a San Francisco lefty, and we just published another article, by him, on the joys of an S and M street fair. Today the adorable Theodora Blanchfield makes her debut in an article ("Binge Thinking") that slams a Wisconsin Republican lawmaker for trying to raise the drinking age. Super intern Shawn Macomber has penned pieces praising the Free State Project, dissecting New Hampshire primarians, and defending telemarketers (sort of). We've had utterly unique coverage of, among other things, classical music and antiglobalization protests. On Iraq, we published articles by hawks, doves, and squishes. Really, the Spectator is about as diverse as they come.

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