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wWednesday, October 22, 2003

HELP: My friend and former colleague Kevin Michael Grace is, at this moment, in a world of financial hurt, much of it stemming from the fallout from our former employer (e.g., them suddenly going under and stiffing employees of all severance, back, and in-lieu-of-vacation pay). If he doesn't raise over a thousand dollars in the next few days, he and his family (including the young Rebecca Grace) will likely be kicked out onto the street. If you regularly read this blog and/or my writing and get some enjoyment out of it, I ask that you follow this link to KMG's site and give as much as you can reasonably afford. If you can't afford to give anything but have a blog, please link to this item and ask readers to help keep the Graces afloat.

Long term, KMG needs a) freelance work and b) a job. I'll vouch for him: He's a hard worker, good writer, and great editor. If you have an opening but are American and thus worried about the importing-a-Canadian thing, don't let that stop you. I've done some checking and it's about five times easier to import hoseheads than you probably think.

Again, here's the link to his site. Please go there and give something to keep the Grace family from being tossed out into the ravages of the forthcoming Canadian winter.

posted by Jeremy at 12:50 AM