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wThursday, October 09, 2003

MEA SORTA CULPA: My column this week addresses the fact that I was wrong, wrong, wrong about the outcome of the California vote:

The recall election was at least an 8.5. Forty-three of 58 counties voted to send Gray Davis packing, and many of those counties that voted to keep the governor did so with clothespin firmly fastened. Recall was only narrowly defeated in Los Angeles, and the rest of the no vote hugged the central and northern coastline (Davis' strongest support, unsurprisingly, came from San Francisco). The voters were determined, Network-like, to tell Sacramento that they were mad as hell, and not... oh, but let's not start with the clich├ęs.


Finally, there is the issue of this column's repeated -- and, it turns out, wrong -- prediction that the Democrats would win. As one reader wrote, "You've got a lot to answer for!" The accusation, as I understand it, is that I got carried away in the anti-Arnold fervor of this fine publication and allowed it to cloud my political judgment. More likely, my analysis tried to be too clever, and ignored the real anger of Californians. In other words, I failed to feel their pain. [more]

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