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wWednesday, October 01, 2003

MISERY AND DESPAIR: Well, it's my birthday again. Though, as my column today explains, there's only a small chance it'll be a happy one:

Not to sound like Henry Higgins, but I am not a dour man, really. Catch me at the right hour and you might even call me pleasant. But you wouldn't know that if you met me close to October 1 of any given year. I'm a birthday-phobic or, to be only slightly hyperbolic, a birthday hater.

Birthdays, for birthday haters, are like the Fourth of July for dogs: a time when the whole world conspires to give you a crashing headache. My powers of observation, normally focused outward, turn in like daggers, and I get suddenly and sickeningly introspective. It's usually a bad scene all around; one year, I spent much of the night wandering aimlessly through a parking lot. [more]

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