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wSaturday, October 04, 2003

OCCASIONALLY TETCHY GERMAN UPDATE: This is too funny. Last Friday, I wrote here about a run in with a certain German atheist the night before. We talked, we teased, we, uh, traded barbs.

I guess he reads the site, because, last Saturday night, at the AFF crabfest, he was going on about this strange American he had met the other day -- me -- who wrote about him on his blog. I'm told he started trash talking me, which was unfortunate for him because, while I wasn't there to defend myself, a certain ladyfriend was ("shut up, Eurotrash!").

Now, I thought this hilarious, but I didn't blog about it for a few reasons, the most important of which is that I am not an obsessive.

That, apparently, makes one of us. Last night, he was at Cato's Octoberfest, dressed in lederhosen, holding forth on the politics and culture of his native land and comparing them with the politico-cultural landscape of the U.S. To contrast attitudes about religion, he cited (you guessed it) an encounter he'd had with a rude American at a cocktail party. He also used the crabfest experience to take a slap at the very "incestuous" assocations that D.C. is lousy with. The funny thing, to me, is that he said all of this in the presence of one of my old roommates.

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