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wMonday, October 06, 2003

A PRIEST, A RABBI, AND A…: From the sermon this Sunday:

A middle aged couple learns that the husband has an incurable disease which will claim his life within the year. After it's sunk in, the husband clears his throat and asks his wife if she thinks she'll remarry.

"Well, I don't like the idea of living alone, so, yes, I may remarry at some point," she says.

The husband thinks about this for a minute and then asks if she thinks they'd live in the couple's home.

"Well, it's a nice home and it's paid for, so, yes, we might live here," she replies.

He then asks if they'd drive the same car.

"It's a nice car and it has low mileage, so we might keep the car," she says.

Long pause, then he asks if she thinks this new guy would "use my golf clubs."

"Oh heavens no. He's left handed."

posted by Jeremy at 9:40 PM