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wSunday, October 05, 2003

SILENT SMILE: Spectator super intern Shawn Macomber reports from the, uh, trenches of the pro-life movement:

WASHINGTON -- In a town rife with protests, I shouldn't have been surprised. The other day, as I was walking along the National Mall, a bright yellow school bus pulled up with billboards of butchered babies adorning both sides. I happened to glance up at the driver, who decided I was looking for a confrontation.

"That's right, keep walking sodomite!" he shouted at me over a loudspeaker. "Ignore the truth. Ignore the babies' cries. Your flesh will rot away with the Godless judges, just before you all burn in hell. How do you like that, sodomite?"

Well, in truth, I didn’t like it much at all. I'm not sure which part I liked less: that, out of a crowd of 200, I was pegged as the "sodomite" or that my eternal vacation was booked in a place much too tropical for my taste. [more]

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