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wSaturday, November 08, 2003

ACK! E-MAIL REMINDER: As my new column makes clear, y'all won't be able to reach me at my old deviantreadings address. Send pitches, letters, and marriage proposals to JEREMYAL123 -- AT -- YAHOO -- . -- COM (dashes and spaces inserted to foil evil spambots):

"Warning: Your mailbox is full!" was not the message in my in-box I expected to see this Sunday morning when I returned home from a night of partying, movie going, and sleeping on a friend's couch. In fact, it was the last thing I expected. And it was more -- much more -- than a trifling annoyance.

It meant that half a dozen essays that were supposed to come in had bounced back to the writers, with a note telling them (erroneously) that my e-mailbox was all full up; try back later, once I had done my part and taken out the trash. It meant that I had to reactivate an old back-up e-mail account and try to alert people to use that one instead. It meant coming in to the office on Sunday night and calling people all over North America to put the Monday edition of the website together. And it meant another little piece of my past had been lost. [more]

posted by Jeremy at 12:55 PM