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wFriday, November 21, 2003

NO BLOG HIATUS FOR THIS BOY: Just the usual slow trickle. Deadline week, you know. However, I would like to draw readers' attention to today's online edition of The American Spectator. I think it is the single best day we've had thus far: Great art on the front page which links to a pitch perfect piece by super intern Shawn Macomber on Judge Roy Moore; boss and friend Wlady Pleszczynski proves once again that he's a far better stylist than this blogger, with a reflection on the death of JFK; Jim Bovard gives us the first part of his book tour (and Matthew Barganier can plant a wet one on my ample backside); Lawrence Henry... oh, just go read. And poke around while you're there. I have become increasingly proud of the site. The style, the wit, the reporting, the eclecticism: There's nothing else quite like it on the net today.

posted by Jeremy at 9:36 AM